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city in Uganda, Africa.
Entebbe bat virus - a group B arbovirus.
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Egypt had boycotted the initiative after the Basin countries signed the Entebbe Convention, which undermines Egypt's majority share in Nile River water.
Delivering a speech at the press conference, Rama Makuza, the head of Uganda's civial aviation authority, stated that THY's launching direct flights to Entebbe would improve the economic and commercial relations between Turkey and Uganda.
Entebbe is a pleasantly quiet town, with a bewitching colonial elegance.
At their celebration this year, hosted by the Entebbe Municipal Council, participating religious leaders signed a declaration to form the Entebbe Inter-Faith Coalition.
Baingana weaves a haunting tale of three very different sisters growing up in the town of Entebbe, trying to make meaning of their young lives in this quick-witted and heart-tingling narrative.
He found his way to Zionism at an early age; while his high school and college classmates were rallying around cult figures like Leonard Peltier, the Native-American activist serving a life sentence for murder, Goldberg focused his idolization on Yonatan Netanyahu, the Israeli special-forces commander and older brother of the former prime minister, who died leading the raid to free hostages at Entebbe Airport in Uganda in 1976.
The monstrously charismatic power figure is Ugandan dictator Idi Amin Dada, and the film is set in the early 1970s, from the time he seized power in the African nation to the bizarre hostage crisis at Entebbe Airport.
When President Bush visited Entebbe in July for a few hours, international attention was focused on Uganda, although all too briefly.
The pilot put the fire out and struggled to the nearest airport, an hour away at Entebbe in Uganda.
1976: An Israeli commando force made an airborne raid on Entebbe Airport, Uganda.
THE MAJOR airport in Uganda is at Entebbe, half an hour from the capital, Kampala.
Force was essential for Israeli commandos to liberate an airliner from terrorists at Entebbe.