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a trademark for a lactose-free nutritional supplement containing protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

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Q. what measures are in place to ensure the safety of vaccines. Hello there, I read the previous question which was asked by Edmund. This question made me to think, what measures are in place to ensure the safety of vaccines.

A. Not only related to Autism, we have to be very cautious when we vaccine for other diseases too. As with all medical products, vaccines undergo extensive testing to document their efficacy and to explore potential harms. Before a potential vaccine is licensed for use, FDA scientists conduct a thorough and independent review of the testing data and often employ the help of an FDA public advisory review committee. In addition, FDA rigorously oversees the manufacturing process for vaccines used in this country - including approval of each step in the process and on site inspection. Following licensure, vaccines continue to be monitored through information shared by parents, doctors, and other public health officials.

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