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Processes of afferent synthesis activate the engrams of an acceptor of 'action results,' outstripping the real events, at brain holographic screens.
Once the engram is formed, anything that activates it will revive the original perception as a memory.
Ross said: "A negative experience coupled with noise can create what Scientologists call an engram, which leads to negative reactions.
Think of engrams as snapshots and/or videotapes of learned movements.
When all the engrams have been removed, the student achieves a state of "clear" and gains freedom from disease and the effects of ageing; perfect memory; immunity from radiation; the ability to command others using a speech form known as Tone 40; infinite incarnation and freedom from the restraints of space and time.
Ron Hubbard in 1954 and based on the belief that we are descended from aliens and fight negative forces known as Engrams.
In the way that Toni Morrison arrived at all the transcendence of Beloved by stringing together little words just so, rubbing up their warmth into a combustion, Kingston dazzled us by pictographs, by engrams.
Moreover, the update will come with new biomes, new engrams, an epic boss encounter, a coastal Wyvern canyon and a big surprise that the studio is still working on.
But according to neuropsychology, the "capacity" to deal with novelty comes from the expert's ability to observe external phenomena, break the observation down into engrams, store them in some way (e.
This is an essential technique which helps students to address negative memories, called engrams, that are holding back true potential.
To purge the evil influence of their arch-enemies, the Engrams, you need extensive and expensive therapy called Dianetics.
Adjusted Blueprint and Engrams colours to help with readability.