Bellis perennis

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A minor homeopathic remedy used for trauma, aches, chills, lymph node swelling, and pregnancy-related uterine pain.

Bellis perennis,

n See daisy.
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Plant wildflowers, including California and Shirley poppies, bare-root roses, snapdragons, stocks, sweet peas, sweet william, hollyhocks, alyssum, calendulas, columbines, English daisy, delphiniums, forget-me-nots, violets, larkspur, pansies and most other flowers that can be found in commercial nurseries.
She says an African daisy and an English daisy are both flowers, but totally different kinds"
Yardley Royal English Daisy moisturising body lotion, pounds 5.
In mild climates, you'll also find blooming calendula, cineraria, English daisy, nemesia, pansy, snapdragon, and stock.
In the low and intermediate deserts, plant cool-season annuals: calendula, dianthus, English daisy, forget-me-not, Iceland and Shirley poppies, larkspur, lobelia, pansy, petunia, phlox, primrose, snapdragon, statice, stock, sweet alyssum, sweet pea, and viola.