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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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The results of the physicochemical and bacteriological analyzes of the landfills taken starting from the engineered landfill of Ain Temouchent are illustrated in the following table.
It comes out from it from the analysis of the whole of the physicochemical results of the landfills of the engineered landfills of Ain Temouchent, that the master key through four stages: aerobic stage, transition stage, acetogenic stage and tends towards that of the methanogenesis.
The landfill throughout in developing world (1997-1998), [7] found varying amounts of planning and engineering in municipal solid waste dumping; among the various regions visited, African nations (with the exception of South Africa) had the fewest engineered landfills, with most nations practicing open dumping for waste disposal; waste managers in Asian and Latin American nations were more likely to be aware of environmental effects of improper landfill design and were much more likely to design and implement some control measures, however limited in scope.
Site remediation typically involves the excavation of contaminated soils to levels below the specified criteria, and then either treating these soils or confining them in engineered landfills to remove the contact with the Arctic ecosystem.
Termed engineered landfills, the process involves reshaping the land filling area to appear more natural and to minimise hazardous exposure to atmosphere.
The waste management company is also exploring the implemention of a solar energy project that will built over its engineered landfills.
He noted that in Oman, Oman Environmental Services Holding Company is embarking on a strategic roadmap to establish 16 engineered landfills, 65 waste transfer stations and four waste treatment plants between 2011 and 2015.
They will be replaced by 13 engineered landfills roughly one for each governorate and supported by 36 transfer stations, Al Harthy said.

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