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Everybody knows that you have to have either a complete colonoscopy or barium enema to exclude the disease.
Directing the patient to eat a light breakfast and self-administer 2 phosphate enemas before the procedure is a simple, safe, and commonly used method of preparing the patient for the flexible sigmoidoscopy procedure.
I usually recommend a mineral-oil enema followed by a Fleet [R] enema.
A barium enema x-ray involves viewing the rectum, colon, and lower part of the small intestine to locate any problems.
The unorthodox treatment consisted of a vegetable diet, vitamins and minerals, self-produced vaccine and coffee enemas four times a day for the three and a half years.
Barium enemas should be avoided in children with evidence of peritonitis, severe shock, sepsis, perforation or extreme ages.
Immediately following the scan, a therapeutic contrast enema was administered multiple times in an attempt to reduce the intussusception but was unsuccessful.
The report further indicated that the doctor's treatment plan of abdominal massage and enemas were not supported by medical literature but instead might "reinforce" the focus on the patient's bulimia.
The couple, who have two young kids, work from home, and usually are unable to leave their house for long stretches due to their addiction to coffee enemas.
They teach how to prepare the food and juice the Gerson way, how to do coffee enemas, how to eliminate toxins from the home and replace them with non-toxic products, and how to find sources of pure water.
Coffee enemas, used in the Gerson, Kelley, and Gonzalez cancer therapies, produce physiological effects that aid liver function and detoxification.