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Contract notice: Supply of endoscopic capsule diagnostic systems for noninvasive studies of the intestinal tract transfer in use of 4 teams for the gastroenterology department of the hospital universitario de canarias.
While this case represents a near-miss of such an event, it highlights the need for enhanced provider awareness as well as institutional safeguards against ordering MRI studies prior to the confirmed passage of an endoscopic capsule.
Washington, Jan 11 ( ANI ): Drawing inspiration from science fiction, researchers have developed a controllable endoscopic capsule that patients can swallow like a pill and let doctors explore inside of their bodies.
Diagnostic value of endoscopic capsule in patients with obscure digestive bleeding: blinded comparison with video push-enteroscopy.
The second is an endoscopic capsule that is swallowed and transmits video images.
Objective: The passive endoscopic capsule (EC) was invented a decade ago and has proven a major technological breakthrough in medical technology that has facilitated an unprecedented level of patient-friendly diagnosis of small bowel diseases.
Hundreds of medical community studies have proven that the endoscopic capsule is a safe and useful tool for diagnosing small bowel diseases such as Crohn's, tumors, bleeding and unexplained stomach pain and diarrhea.
Nasdaq:SLAB) today announced that RF System has adopted Silicon Laboratories' small form factor C8051F300 microcontroller (MCU) for its new Norika3 endoscopic capsule.
The automated medical imaging market is further segmented into automated radiography, automated fluoroscopy, automated microscopy, and endoscopic capsules.
Genex Technologies innovations in 3D image processing will allow for the reconstructed 3D shape obtained by these endoscopic capsules to help physicians locate the position of an intestinal lesion and measure its volume.

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