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Shigeru, Japanese bacteriologist, 1869-1937. See: Endo agar, Endo medium.
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Like most Western readers, my introduction to Endo was through the film Silence.
During 4Q16, Endo recorded pre-tax impairment charges of approximately USD 150m in order to write-down Litha's net assets to their estimated fair value less cost to sell.
The announcement of the restructuring followed on the heels of Endo reaching a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission regarding FTC charges that Endo had engaged in illegal pay-for-delay tactics to put off the entry of competing generic versions of its drugs Opana ER, an extended-release opioid painkiller, and Lidoderm, a patch used to treat pain from shingles.
He said that a total of 32,437 workers were now enjoying job security since the start of the campaign to end endo, after their employers and contractors turned their employment into regular status.
My time at Endo has been pivotal for my career and I am very proud of the best-in-class teams I have built and led for the Company while contributing to the transformation of Endo since 2013," said Mr.
He said that to ensure that the endo practice is stopped, employers will be compelled to strictly comply with existing laws, citing employment laws and the regulations governing contractual employment.
But I thought that the density of the discussion and material presented sometimes meant that the argument Endo develops became a little lost from sight.
In this case, if the FDA determines that Endo withdrew the old version of Opana for safety reasons, no one could market that old, unsafe version.
Endo also criticized past LDP-led governments for the slack safety standards they imposed on nuclear power plant operations.
The occasion was graced by Al Hassan Group's top officials led by Hassan bin Ali Salman, chairman; Maqbool bin Ali Salman, managing director; Luc Van Dingenen, chief executive (Manufacturing & Trading); Shinchi Yamanaka, counsellor and deputy head of Mission, Japanese Embassy, Muscat and Ryozo Endo, president and chief executive, along with Kooji Murakami, GM-Overseas and Kosaku Suima, DGM-Overseas of Endo.
Endo encompasses this clear-cut philosophy in their new Office Fitout Guide.