Final Solution

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The Nazi German plan to eliminate the ‘Jewish problem’
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Although for Stryjkowski the fear of presenting the extermination of the European diaspora results from the fact that he was not a witness to Endlosung, for Szewc it results from the simple fact of being born about a dozen years after the war.
Clearly Endlosung is a term whose meaning changed drastically between 1935 and 1941, at least in Eichmann's usage, if not in the usage of the Nazi apparatus entirely.
Reviewing the history of the tale's reception prior to and after the Endlosung, one can see that the Shoah has posed a new imperative on reading the Prioress's anti-Semitic--but artfully crafted--legend.
In the aesopean language the Nazis employed to conceal their perpetration of genocide, no doubt the most notorious word was Endlosung ("final solution"), closely followed by Sonderbehandlung ("special treatment").
Die drei verantwortlichen SS-Fuhrer fur die Durchfuhrung der Endlosung der Judenfrage in Europa Waren: Heydrick-Eichmann-Muller.
It was a secret so unique that none of its perpetrators was permitted to refer to it by any proper name either verbally or in writing, but only by means of its numerous administrative euphemisms, "evacuation," "resettlement," Endlosung, or "Final Solution.
Jews out), Endlosung (Final Solution), judenfrei (Jew-free).
11) And politically conscious readers might have heard echoes of what eventually came to be known as the Holocaust--Hemingway's phrase "ultimate settlement" sounding like Endlosung, the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question.
On his official Web, site, Irving includes the statement: On the Endlosung [the Final Solution], my own view has crystallized a lot since 1975, when I delivered Hitler's War to the publishers.
29-30), proposing instead that the centrality of the Volk in Heidegger's thought blinded him to the Jewish Question and its Endlosung, its "final solution.
Arendt's concept of the Banality of Evil remains a respectable springboard to thought, but plainly, Eichmann on trial in Jerusalem did not look and feel as he did when architecting and carrying out the notorious Endlosung der Judenfrage.