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(ĕn′dərz), John Franklin 1897-1985.
American bacteriologist. He shared a 1954 Nobel Prize for developing a method of growing the poliomyelitis virus in various tissue cultures.
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EADS Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Enders has been named Best Performing Manager among the CAC 40 companies by France s Challenges Magazine.
Mr Enders said Airbus's focus this year is on maintaining deliveries rather than adding to an already robust order book.
I wonder if the Holte Enders know, or, more to the point, care as to who Holte was?
Enders said the episode got a more restrictive rating than the show usually does - TV-14, meaning parents were strongly urged to exercise great care in monitoring the program and not to let children younger than 14 watch unattended.
German-born Enders, who had earlier this year voiced interest in staying beyond 2019, will now step down at the end of his current term, saying it was time for "fresh minds".
In the last rehearsal, German-Korean cellist Isang Enders made something mesmerizing out of the killer Dmitri Shostakovich concerto.
Note that one can exit from the first core to enders New Hampshire, New Jersey and (via New York, a follower) Kentucky.
According to the company CEO, Enders Fund had more than 1 million registered users from its 10 games around the world.
Enders has now shed more light on the possible future of these units, telling the news agency that Airbus had initiated talks with interested parties.
Net commercial jet orders this year is already ahead of planned deliveries with "a lot more orders" to come, Mr Enders said.
Shedding her girl-next-door image from "Twilight" movie days Kristen Stewart plays the role of a much younger assistant to an actress Maria Enders who is getting old in the industry and is at the dawn of her career (Juliette Binoche).
Munich: Airbus Group Chief Executive Officer Tom Enders said Europe must improve political and military cooperation and urged the UK to remain in the bloc as Prime Minister David Cameron faces growing anti-European sentiment at home.