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(ĕn′dərz), John Franklin 1897-1985.
American bacteriologist. He shared a 1954 Nobel Prize for developing a method of growing the poliomyelitis virus in various tissue cultures.
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Egged on by the moderator of a debate on the issue, ex-paratrooper Enders and the avuncular Boeing veteran Carson made a seemingly uncomfortable attempt to be jovial by putting their arms around each other, prompting awkward grins.
Enders will also be keen to let the dust settle on a recent row over his decision to move EADS'' headquarters functions to Toulouse, alongside Airbus, rather than Paris and Munich where the company''s dual structure was set up.
Nicknamed "Major Tom" in Germany, Enders is a former paratrooper with an uncompromising reputation who has clashed with German and French governments before.
Tom Enders said the company, whose main rival is Boeing Co , had reviewed the number of orders it expects as it sees an end to the crisis that hit the aircraft sector.
Today, when supervisory authorities certify a new type of aircraft, all the software components are frozen at the respective level of technology, Enders said.
With thirty years' experience in the field and an apparently irrepressible comic flair, Enders allows her readers to "take [farce's] humor seriously" but without for a second allowing intellectual concerns to "suck the humor right out of the thing" (xii, xiii).
Furthermore, Astrium fostered the position of the Ariane 5 as the world s most reliable launcher with the 57th consecutive successful launch in a row , said Enders.
Beau Bridges plays Elgar Enders, a privileged WASP who buys a building in the transitional neighborhood of 1970 Park Slope, planning to evict all the occupants and construct a luxury home for himself.
Moretz's character however reminds Maria Enders of her own days in the film industry when she was a teenager.
According to the company CEO, Enders Fund had more than 1 million registered users from its 10 games around the world.
Net commercial jet orders this year is already ahead of planned deliveries with "a lot more orders" to come, Mr Enders said.
STRONG MARKETS Chief executive Tom Enders said global aircraft markets remained strong despite worries about an overheating in Southeast Asia and a number of order cancellations which have concerned investors since this month's Farnborough Airshow.