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Following the publication of Diversified Employee Benefit Services 's selection for San Antonio Business Journal 's " Largest Employee Benefit Brokers" list, American Registry seconded the honor and added Diversified Employee Benefit Services to the "Registry of Business Excellence (TM)".
Sometimes employee benefit liability insurance is provided on a claims made policy form.
Ever more rigorous audit expectations may make a complex and confusing set of rules even more so, but they will enhance the usefulness of CPAs who audit employee benefit plans.
The AICPA Council and board of directors recently have created an Audit Quality Center for Employee Benefit Plans.
While recognizing that cross-trading programs may provide some benefits to employee benefit plans (e.
This particular structuring of chapters makes the book's primary use one of a reference guide for students and professionals in the employee benefits field.
Significant accounting estimates often affect elements of an employee benefit plan's financial statements, such as
The AICPA Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center promotes enhancements to the quality of employee benefit plan audits by working with Center members and with the U.
Upon completion of listening to the SpeedBriefing, you will have a solid grasp of the necessary concepts to avoid tax problems and other issues that could arise from having poorly drafted employee benefits plans.
Benefit & Risk Management Services is a leading employee benefit administration and healthcare risk management TPA that is building trusted and valued relationships to reduce healthcare costs.
By focusing on employee benefits as a key business process rather than a once-a-year enrollment initiative, Benefit Analyzer(TM) provides insight into benefit utilization patterns and aids in proactively identifying opportunities to better manage overall costs of employee benefit programs.

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