Emotional Storm

An emotional trauma that may affect a person’s physiology and immune system, and causes an uncontrolled response
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But I believe England's is the biggest, toughest pack of forwards in the tournament and should be able to ride out any emotional storm.
Tension between characters could be heightened in the calm before the inevitable emotional storm, although that would fray the fabric of sisterly solidarity.
Then there's Spirit of Thunder, a song that "captures the emotional storm before the calm" and is characterised by light, hope and growth; and Layla, Dana's musical ode to her adorable little daughter, who she regards as her greatest inspiration.
Facing a serious illness puts you toe-to-toe with your own mortality, and creates a huge emotional storm on every front.
It sounds so very basic, but literally being there for your dog--if your schedule permits, and if the weather report is accurate enough to allow for advance planning--can go a long way toward helping her weather the emotional storm as much as the meteorological one.
He offers strategies for harnessing calm in an emotional storm, but it's not always clear how to cultivate the mindfulness he speaks of so eloquently.
For this self-confessed "AM radio kid," it was in discovering Alanis Morrisette that she found vindication for the emotional storm that accompanies most young women through adolescence.
By being able to talk about patterns in life--that predictability marks some but not all events and that fairness and justice mark some but not all outcomes, as per the Fleming/Adolph construct--an adolescent gains some frontal lobe understanding of the emotional storm that has been set off by the death.
Those of us who grew up in dysfunctional families might have experienced silence that meant a serious emotional storm was arriving, or silence that conveyed being locked out of the heart of a parent and left in the icy tundra.
Be prepared to steer a loved one through an emotional storm today, says the reversed queen of cups.
Supportive listening is the only type of listening that can help the speaker out of the throes of an emotional storm.