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The pricing decision also has left the product open to vicious competition from $1,700-a-dose Eminase, produced by SmithKline Beecham, and Astra Kabi's streptokinase, priced at $200 a dose.
That's an interesting choice of figures, given that your Activase, priced at $2,200 per dose, is facing some competition from $1,700-a-dose Eminase, produced by Smithkline Beechman, and streptokinase, a $200-a-dose product put out by Astra Kabi.
Researchers at Oxford University report that the frequency of strokes in a group they studied was three for every 1,000 patients who were treated with streptokinase, compared with six in 1,000 who took Eminase and seven of 1,000 who used tPA.
We see sales of Tagamet, its topselling antiulcer drug, holding steady at $1 billion, while newer drugs (most notably Augmentin, Eminase, Paroxetin and Relifex) should bolster drug sales and margins.
With this in mind, it would seem that Eminase could get approval this quarter.