Fischer, Emil

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Emil, German chemist and Nobel laureate, 1852-1919.
Fischer projection formulas of sugars - representations, by projection, of cyclic sugars, or derivatives thereof, in which the carbon chain is depicted vertically.
Kiliani-Fischer reaction - Synonym(s): Kiliani-Fischer synthesis
Kiliani-Fischer synthesis - see under Kiliani
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Xylitol was first discovered in 1891 by Emil Fischer, a German chemist (2) who was awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1902.
CALIFORNIA--Christopher Abshire, Suzanne Cardoza, David DeFrancesco, Thomas Faust, Emil Fischer, Eva Fresquez, Evalyn Horowitz, Juan Martinez, Barbara McPhail.
When Emil Fischer introduced the concept of "lock and key" to describe the interaction of an enzyme with a substrate, he had coined a phrase that has since been used as a metaphor by researchers in enzymology, supra-molecular chemistry, and self-assembly.