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Jacob, Teuku, Emeritus Professor of Paleoanthropology, Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Co-recipient was Derek Ford, Emeritus Professor of Geography and Geology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, who is internationally renowned for his work on karst phenomena.
That finding is "probably legitimate," says Francis Bretherton, an emeritus professor of atmospheric science at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and a chapter author of the 1990 report Climate Change: The IPCC Scientific Assessment.
John Kenneth Galbraith, emeritus professor of economics at Harvard University, is the author of "The Affluent Society" and many other works.
JUST for a moment it seemed Michael Argyle, emeritus professor of social psychology at Wolfson College, Oxford might have cracked it.
Alley, an Americans United trustee and emeritus professor of humanities at the University of Richmond as well as the author of several books on church-state relations, and Robert M.
95 hardbound) by John Macquarrie, an emeritus professor at Oxford.
PROFESSOR Stuart Cameron, Emeritus Professor of Renal Medicine, UMDS Guy's Hospital, London.
Professor Harold Ellis, CBE DM FRCS FRCOG Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Guy's Hospital, London
Speaking after the UN General Assembly announced Australia as a new member of the 47-seat Human Rights Council, Emeritus Professor Croucher said the UN decision recognises Australias capacity to influence global human rights and to play an important role in the Asia Pacific region.
Emeritus Professor of Education, University of Birmingham and Visiting Prof, Newman College of Higher Education, Birmingham.
Professor Alan Martin emeritus professor in physics at Durham University won the Institute of Physics and German Physical Society's International Bilateral Max Born Medal and Prize for 2007.