Caesarean section

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Caesarean section

Patient discussion about Caesarean section

Q. What are the risks of C-section? See that all the pregnant movie stars are having C- sections instead of natural child birth. Maybe I should have one too, instead of giving birth regularly? Are there any risks?

A. Thanks.. Now I understand better the risks of c-section.

Q. How is a C-section done? My wife is expecting twins and her Doctor scheduled a C- section for her. How is it done?

A. My wife had a c-section done when we had our daughter. I did not get to see the procedure, but I did hear it. It was graphic, but really quick.

Q. When is a C-section needed? My wife is pregnant now and I wanted to know when do women need to have a C- section as opposed to natural birth?

A. sually a C- section is done when there are problems during labor like when the baby is in trouble or the labor is stuck and not progressing over a long period of time.

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Previous studies have suggested that if a woman's fear of giving birth is significantly high, it can result in an increased risk of an emergency caesarean section.
Spinal and general anaesthesia for emergency caesarean section: effects on neonatal Apgar score and maternal haematocrit.
He said: "The emergency Caesarean only took about 20 minutes.
After 12 hours of being in labour I was told I'd have to have an emergency Caesarean, and that's when the team of surgeons stepped in.
Ms Oskin, 30, later underwent an emergency Caesarean section at a hospital.
A WOMAN who feared she may never become pregnant again after an emergency Caesarean operation went wrong is due to give birth.
TWO new mums were sent home from a Midland hospital with surgical swabs still inside them following bungled emergency Caesarean sections.
She is finally brought into this world by emergency Caesarean section on Wednesday - but will she survive?
Miss McCall, now 18, naturally entered labour that night but when complications developed was finally given the emergency Caesarean she had first wanted.
Her baby was delivered stillborn by emergency Caesarean just three days before her due date.
Up until now we have not known why diabetic women suffer such complicated births, but it is important that more work is done in this field to prevent the further increase in emergency caesarean sections.
There is a need for large-scale studies to analyse the following: the risks and benefits of elective caesarean section compared with vaginal delivery, the differences between elective and emergency caesarean section, and the outcomes of repeated elective caesarean sections.

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