Emergency Use

The use of an unapproved drug in a 'life threatening situation' in which 'no standard acceptable treatment is available and there is insufficient time to obtain institutional review board approval'
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The FDA's 1976 Medical Device Act allows for emergency use of artificial hearts only if the doctor or hospital has filed for FDA approval.
The newly certified units will also qualify for standby power applications in locations where air quality is impaired or where stricter local air quality regulations require Tier 4 Final generator sets even for emergency use.
ICO's development and implementation of S band technology globally, including our announced vendor initiatives for ICO North America and the ICO P MEO system, will serve our interests well as we continue to work with key suppliers to create advanced user terminals to access F2 for humanitarian and emergency uses.
Never before has DNA been this easy to store or easily accessible for emergency uses.
According to surveys of our Recovery Manager customers, recovery from security updates and other patches is one of the most frequent emergency uses of our product.
Inclement weather and IT disruptions, including network failures and email viruses, top the list of common emergency uses.
The Rodopi Easy OSS platform also provides Tri-State customers with enhanced subscriber security and extends Tri-State's ability to offer wireless access for homeland security and emergency uses.
The government stockpiles potassium iodide for emergency uses, such as in the event of an unexpected release of radioactive iodide.
During 2014, Magal will extend the municipality's fiber optic network to cover 80% of the municipality and expand the safe-city applications for routine and emergency uses and to improve the quality of life in Ramat Ha'sharon.
This approval should increase the sales of Meridian auto-injectors for military and other emergency uses on both a near- and long-term basis," said James H.
CLO holds a license to this unique technology for non-commercial emergency uses.
Since drivers frequently use entertainment and navigation in vehicles, the system is expected to get much wider usage than other cellular telematics systems designed only for emergency uses and security.
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