operating system

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operating system (OS)

the main system programs of a computer that manage the hardware and application resources, including data input and output. Applications require an operating system to support and enable their function.
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AMD Embedded customers can download updated Mentor Embedded Linux and Sourcery CodeBench Lite tools to quickly build, from source, a customized Linux-based platform based on technology from the Yocto Project.
Adding LynuxWorks embedded Linux operating system is a critical step toward growing open source on embedded devices," said Tom DeSisto, vice president of business development, Vibren Technologies.
The Meld community will offer embedded Linux engineers a compelling connected environment to find and share valuable information, engineering experiences, and collaborate on best practices," said Chris Rommel, Analyst in VDC's Embedded Software and Tools Practice.
Mentor Embedded Linux Lite software will also be pre-loaded on the 2nd Generation AMD R-Series APU evaluation boards, allowing embedded developers enjoy a positive out-of-the box experience with the ability to rapidly customize and build their embedded Linux applications.
EMF credits the availability of improved development tools as an important factor in the ability of embedded Linux to meet project expectations.
Episode 1: An introduction to embedded Linux, discussing why embedded developers should consider using Linux, from technical and business standpoints.
The combination of features available exclusively through LinuxLink provides subscribers with ongoing access to the most up-to-date embedded Linux resource throughout every stage of development.
MontaVista's new best-in-breed tools platform is designed and developed explicitly for Linux, which will provide application and system developers of embedded Linux with the right tools for the job," said James Ready, CTO, MontaVista Software.
ASIP partners are system integrators who use LinuxLink as their foundation for embedded Linux development so more of their time can be spent designing innovative solutions.
TimeSys was the first to release eclipse-based tools for the embedded Linux market nearly four years ago and has maintained a leadership position with the most comprehensive Eclipse solution.
the leading embedded Linux provider for the telecommunications, mobile and embedded markets, today announced it supports more than 200 Linux Support Packages (LSP) from leading companies worldwide.
PITTSBURGH -- TimeSys(R) Corporation, the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, announces a continuation of its embedded Linux webinar series with an additional set of new technical Webinars focused on cross-development.

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