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Mr Van Embden said the group's comparison website Confused.
GREAT OPPORTUNITY Plot 5, Embden House, is for sale at offers over pounds 300,000, left, and above, the stunning interior of Delaware House MAGNIFICENT HOME Delaware House, Medburn, was built in 2009 and is one of five detached houses.
bar] NEW HOME FOUND: The Embden goslings - strangers to Greenhead Park
Loes van Embden Andres of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development's Business and Industry Advisory Committee said, meanwhile, ''More people should work and should work longer'' in an aging society while calling for a flexible work style as well as flexible social protection system for irregular workers.
They depict drawings of 10 rare breed farm animals including saddle back pigs, short horn cows, Embden geese, Suffolk sheep, Norfolk turkeys, Bagot goats, baby chicks, Khaki Campbell duck and drake, a shire horse and foal, and a border collie puppy.
The lino-cut illustrations by artist Chris Wormell depict 10 rare breed farm animals, including saddle back pigs, Embden geese and a shire horse and foal.
Six geese a-layingA GOOD, reliable laying goose is the Embden breed, according to experts at the British Goose Producers' Association.
A mammoth (Mammuthus primigenius) tooth from late Wisconsin deposits near Embden, North Dakota, and comments on the distribution of woolly mammoths south of the Wisconsin ice sheets.
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