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The opera itself dates back to 1924 but, with its underlying messages about sexual freedom and the emancipation of women, its humour and irony is still as relevant as ever.
The abolition of slavery and the emancipation of women have been prominent and events such as child evacuation in the Second World War are stressed.
In many of these sources, a sub-text shudders at the possibility of the emancipation of women, which seemed rather frighteningly to be moving forward along with modernism.
From stories about life as an Emirati with mixed parentage to a drama based on a real-life crime and the emancipation of women, directors at this year's Muhr Emirati category at Dubai International Film Festival are taking on sensitive social issues.
The war had also helped "make us who we are today", he added, pointing to subsequent advances in the emancipation of women, recognition for ethnic minorities and improvements in medicine.
Above all, she brilliantly engages with the way writers about murderous women communicated broader issues such as authority, sexuality, and the emancipation of women.
The emancipation of women and their integration on equal terms in education, the granting of civil rights to homosexuals, the removal, at least formally, of racial discrimination--these are not a common feature of prosperous or declining empires but unique moral achievements of this one.
WASHINGTON (TAP) - "In Tunisia, all the conditions of success are provided in view of the credibility enjoyed by the government, the awareness and education of the people, the emancipation of women as well as the existence of a large middle class," said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at her meeting Thursday in Blair House in Washington with Interim Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi.
There had been cycling clubs before the war, but with the emancipation of women ladies in much greater numbers decided to give pedal power a go.
The interwar years (1918-41) were a time of accelerated modernization in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and part of this modernization was the emancipation of women.
This is a subject that has long been seen through a feminist prism, almost as a forced emancipation of women, who emerged from the war empowered, self-confident and independent.