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Fitzgerald trait - defect resulting in prolongation of clotting tests but seldom causing hemostatic symptoms. Synonym(s): Flaujeac and Williams trait; kallikrein deficiency
Fitzgerald-Gardner syndrome - genetic trait resulting in multiple tumors, osteomas of the skull, epidermoid cysts, fibromas, and multiple polyposis predisposing to carcinoma of the colon.
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The 16-year-old Ella Fitzgerald had found her destiny.
8220;Our Board of Directors sees what important work ECF does, and we know that Ella would be so pleased that her philanthropic legacy lives on in such a meaningful way,” said Fran Morris Rosman, Executive Director of the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation.
Also, I've done a lot of research about Ella Fitzgerald and Edith Piaf which enables me to share stories and anecdotes with the audience.
Ella Fitzgerald: The Tale of a Vocal Virtuosa by Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney, read by Billy Dee Williams with original recordings by Ella Fitzgerald, Weston Woods Studios, unabridged cassette: $34.
The revised edition of this survey of jazz lady Ella Fitzgerald will appeal to any who haven't already gotten too many jazz biographies of Ella under their belts.
The inimitable Ella Fitzgerald ends the show with Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye.
As if taking "Dear Ella," her tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, on the road for four years were nor enough for Dee Dee Bridgewater, she has now accomplished another jazz fere.
One of the most touching vignettes is a description of Ella Fitzgerald breaking into What A Little Moonlight Will Do on their touring bus and of band members, one by one, sensitively adding instrumental obligato and accompaniment, ".
The sequence is filled with movie-star moments, including Janet Leigh screaming in Psycho, Ada's instrument sinking into the sea in The Piano, Rita Hayworth lip-synching; among legendary musicians here are Jimi Hendrix, Ella Fitzgerald, and even Charlotte Moorman.
Having heard the black jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald singing at a club and meeting her backstage, the actress asked a Sunset Strip nightspot owner she knew to book Ella and, to make the offer irresistible, promised to appear at the club every night to support the singer.
For those interested in taking this fascinating seminar in bite-sized pieces, Sony has also released 10 separate CDs of the Ken Burns Jazz Collection, each featuring artists from Louis Armstrong to Billie Holiday to Ella Fitzgerald to John Coltrane.