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Dual-Chamber and VVI Implantable Defibrillator. A multicenter study comparing dual-chamber (DDDR) implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) therapy with single-chamber (VVI) ICD therapy in patients with low ejection fractions (40%) and standard ICD indications
Conclusions Dual chamber rate responsive pacing as compared with ventricular backup-only pacing worsens the combined end point of mortality and heart failure-related hospitalization
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The TV cook, Delia Smith, became the nation's darling by realising its power, Elizabeth David an interesting footnote by sticking to the written word.
ELIZABETH David married Johnathan Hayward at De Courcey's Manor near Pentyrch.
The three students who received top honors at the ceremony were Erica Elizabeth David of Pinedale High School in Pinedale, Wyoming for her seven-year study of innovative snow fence designs to maximize snow capture for water conservation and reclamation in industrial settings and Michael Kaergaard Madsen and Jesper Lykke Rasmussen of Vejle Technical High School in Denmark, for the development of a prototype exhaust system for two-stroke engines to significantly reduce air pollution.
From the past, Elizabeth David and Mrs Beeton were also in the top 20.
It's the Who's Who of the food world, including Julia Child, Mario Batali, Elizabeth David, Donna Hay, Marcella Hazan, Madhur Jaffrey, Nigella Lawson, Nigel Slater and Alice Waters.
ASDA's traditional stuffing recipe is inspired by one of the best known cooks from the 1920's, Elizabeth David.
Elizabeth David died in 1992, but her books changed the world of food writing, celebrating fresh ingredients and elevating British postwar cooking.
Elizabeth David offers a second' the wine must be cooked.
But in times gone by, the person who arguably did the most to change our attitude to eating was Elizabeth David.
Favorite cookbook/mentor: ``An Omelette and a Glass of Wine,'' by Elizabeth David.
Elizabeth David, 35, lived with Griffiths for only 18 months in Pontardawe, near Swansea, before he walked out.

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