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Pert. to diets that are easy to digest or predigested; rudimentary or simple.


emanating from or pertaining to elements.

elemental diet
see elemental diet.

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Q. what consider to be a good nutrition for children? does it has to include some specific nutrition elements?

A. there's many things you should consider about children's nutrition, the amount of books written about kids nutrition can fill a library...
vitamins, organic vs industrial, fast food vs home made etc.
here are 2 video libraries that i'm sure you'll find all the info you seek in them-



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According to Paracelsus, elemental spirits can reveal to their chosen ones the mysteries of nature (especially salamanders, who "know all that is hidden in the future and the present").
The higher-degree brothers found a more detailed explanation of the metaphysical nature of spirits in the hermetic writings of Georg Friedrich Retzel with the long title A Short Instruction about an Invisible Being and Good and Evil Creatures in Immeasurable Spaces, as well as Celestial and Elemental Spirits, about the Origin of Spirits, Their Essence and Actions, about Dreams and All Kinds of Fantasies, also about Ghosts and Magical Forces, and Other Things of This Kind, Drawn from the Study of Nature and in Accordance with the Holy Scriptures and with the Common Sense of Reason.
Hence, to flesh belongs all that is related to the elemental spirits of the cosmos (the Judean Law and the gentile idols, both temporal), as well as the destructive "works of the flesh" that originate from human passions and desires (5:19-21, 24).
Similarly, Paul argues that before people came to be "in Christ" they were enslaved to the elemental spirits of the cosmos.