chemical symbol

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chemical symbol,

n a shorthand interpretation of an element, molecule, or a compound.
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For example, it is possible to visualise the atomic orbitals, see electronic effects using arrows and identify bond lengths and element symbols.
As large biological molecules, the phosphomonoesterases are indeed solid, giving this word the additional distinction of being the longest solid compound which can be spelled using solid element symbols.
question in "The Periodic Table" category: Of the element symbols that don't match the element's English name, this element's symbol is alphabetically first.
Maureen Van Ackooy, this Teacher's Edition's contributor, suggests: Try this activity that stretches the imagination, increases vocabulary, and familiarizes your students with the element symbols.
The suggested notation system resembles the element symbols in the chemical equations.
The report format was a single page per specimen with element symbols as column headings and 12 lines identified by sequence numbers 1-12.