periodic table

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periodic table

a systematic arrangement of the chemical elements. An earlier version was devised in 1869 by Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev (Russian chemist, 1834-1907). By arranging the elements in order of their atomic weights, he was able to show relationships, such as valency, that occurred at regular intervals and was able to predict the properties of elements still undiscovered in the nineteenth century.

per·i·od·ic ta·ble

(pēr'ē-od'ik tā'bĕl)
A graphic arrangement of chemical elements by atomic number and chemical properties.

periodic table

A chart with the chemical elements arranged by their atomic numbers.
See: periodic law
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periodic table,

n a pictorial representation of all chemical elements arranged by increasing order of atomic numbers. Periods and groups are the primary classifications found within the table.
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As large biological molecules, the phosphomonoesterases are indeed solid, giving this word the additional distinction of being the longest solid compound which can be spelled using solid element symbols.
The element symbols are then used, followed by the average content adjusted by a multiplying factor.
Anil points out that "the element symbols Al (aluminium or aluminum) and N (nitrogen) are alphanumerically truthful.