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In most cases, mixing of binders and reinforcing fillers has been performed using an electrostatic field.
Among microwave sources based on electron oscillations in a potential well formed by an electrostatic field, the most powerful are vircators.
In addition to his work with plants andspores, Leach says he has measured the electrostatic fields of bees as they pass in and out of their hive.
The problem of a dielectric hollow body placed in the homogeneous transverse steady electrostatic field, [E.
Precise measurement of the static charge over a free-span web surface was performed with a hand-held electrostatic field meter.
The particular electrostatic properties introduced enable the electrostatic field between the printhead and receiver to remain as constant as possible, achieving optimal image quality.
In the macrodomain, actuators are often moved by forces generated by magnetic rather than electrostatic fields.
In osteoporosis the major problem is not the lack of calcium but a damage in the mechanism that codes the correct information to the calcium ions in their electrostatic fields.
A well-known technique of shielding against electrostatic fields is Faraday cage or Faraday shield: a space is shielded by covering it with the metal grounded mesh.
If electrostatic fields from insulators in the area create a problem, topical antistats or ionizers may also be needed.
Charged particles in a plasma rearrange themselves to effectively shield electrostatic fields created because of a surface at a nonzero potential or a charge within the plasma.
In magnetrons, steady electrostatic fields and steady magnetic flux densities are applied to moving electrons, accelerating them in a spiral path.

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