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Soon, however, she was in a mental institution receiving electroshock treatment.
He appears to have had one electroshock treatment too many and spends most of the movie as a virtual zombie, unable to speak or even move.
Patient Gail Kastner, who was subjected to electroshock treatment by Cameron, who died in 1967, aged 66.
The statement goes on to detail--in more nonjudgmental language than Gigante's psychiatric accomplices deserve--that "In support of his claim, various psychiatrists opined on behalf of Gigante that he was insane, psychotic, mute, schizophrenic, a candidate for electroshock treatment, infantile and primitive.
She was found in time and later received psychotherapy and electroshock treatment.
The artist's installation in the 1999 Venice Biennale centered on a tape of a man being strapped to a table and given electroshock treatment.
The patient's heart was restarted through electroshock treatment.
Despite his past transgressions and generally unlikeable nature, it was impossible not to feel for him during his visit to Rory Gilmore, after she has had her brain fried with electroshock treatment.
Among psychiatrists, electroshock treatment remains controversial.
Soares's overwork resulted in clinical depression, admission to a psychiatric hospital, electroshock treatment, and ultimately to the disintegration of her relationship with Bishop.