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n the removal of a minute layer of metal by electrolysis to produce a bright surface.
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Unlike abrasive mechanical polishing, electropolishing is an electro-chemical process ideal for complex parts like wire shelving.
Able Electropolishing services industries including, medical, aerospace, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, dental and more.
Electropolishing is often referred to as a "reverse plating" process.
A lot of our success has been down to our desire to continually evolve, so that we lead the rest of the UK in electropolishing and pickling.
Gravimetric analyses of each stent after laser-cutting, acid pickling and electropolishing was made by an electronic analytical balance (Citizen CX-265, Germany).
Electropolishing removed the weld discoloration and scale from the part, giving it a bright, shiny chrome-like appearance.
One of the biggest drivers is trying to minimize or eliminate the steps between laser cutting and electropolishing.
Surface prepared by electropolishing [6-9] have shown improved the performance of stents.
The south operation was later acquired in 1994 when a majority stake was bought in a small electropolishing company called Stainless & Allied Services, later renamed Anopol (South).
Electropolishing removes a uniform layer of outer surface material to create a smooth, clean surface.
Customers that currently use Able for electropolishing can now find one-stop shopping for parts that require electropohshing, laser marking, and a subsequent passivation operation.
Lingering aftershocks from the Great Recession still are making many employers wary of hiring new help, but Able Electropolishing Co.