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n the removal of a minute layer of metal by electrolysis to produce a bright surface.
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Four laser stencils were used: laser with electropolish (L-EP), laser with electropolish and nickel plate (L-EP/NP), and two lasers (Laser A and Laser B) with other post-processing.
WFI series pump options include a wide variety of seal, elastomer and piping configurations, internal surfaces from 25 to 15 Ra with electropolish, complete compliance certification and other high-purity options.
In addition, Artkamp said the company also has added a new electropolish system to its equipment.
Built for easy sanitation and maintenance, units feature a one-piece head and chamber (no welds), simple change out of knife and plates, and a stainless steel body with electropolish finishing option.
Using their electropolishing process, RathGibson offers two ID electropolish surface finish qualities.
The unit is available with a choice of finishes: electropolish for Class 1 compatibility or clear passivate for Class 10.
Electropolishing System allows manufacturers of high-value metallic parts to sharpen, deburr, passivate, and electropolish them in-house.