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n the removal of a minute layer of metal by electrolysis to produce a bright surface.
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John Swain said: "We've come a long way since our first sub-contract order to electropolish stainless steel chocolate moulds for Cadbury's Milk Tray back in the 70s.
The Metfab Electropolishing System lets manufacturers sharpen, deburr, passivate, and electropolish parts such as surgical drills, stents, and screens in-house.
Custom agitation systems can include specialty inclined agitators, vacuum pressure designs including mechanical seals, heavy-duty designs to 2,000,000 CPS, and custom pharmaceutical grade finishes including electropolish.
The filter housings feature finishes available for wetted surfaces and the outer housing of the vessels, which include a 32 micro-inch sanitary with a bright electropolish finish.
Figure 1 shows scanning electron microscope (SEM) pictures of laser-cut apertures with no electropolish, with electropolish and with electropolish followed with nickel plating.
The unit is offered in stainless steel, Hastelloy, or alternate metals with optional pharmaceutical grade mechanical and electropolish finishes.
Other features include the use of borosilicate glass, which has a contact surface of 220 Grit Electropolish and an ormoned housing to help protect the glass from external objects and pipe stress.
5 micron/20 micro inch finish, optional electropolish.
We currently electropolish a liner and cup rest made from 304 SS that are assembled on a machine for mixing and dispensing soft drinks.