electronic medical record

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electronic health record

A computerised record of a person's health “transactions” in the UK, collated from summaries of individual electronic patient records and other relevant data. The ultimate goal is that every person in the UK will have a lifelong, data-protected EHR from birth to death, which will “travel” with them even if they change doctor or move around the country; EHRs will eventually replace paper patient records.

electronic medical record

Computerized Pt record Informatics An evolving computer-based document containing various forms of Pt data routed through a health care system. See Panel.

e·lec·tron·ic med·i·cal re·cord

(EMR) (ĕ-lek-tron'ik med'i-kăl rek'ŏrd)
A computerized (i.e., digitized) system for maintaining patient health information that generally includes patients' presenting (chief) complaints, history of prior illnesses, prior diagnostic testing, and prior medical treatments. Electronic records are used as a substitute for the traditional paper medical record; material is easier to access and update.
Synonym(s): electronic health record.

electronic medical record

Abbreviation: EMR
A computerized database that typically includes demographic, past medical and surgical, preventive, laboratory and radiographic, and drug information about a patient. It is the repository for active notations about a patient's health. Most EMRs also contain billing and insurance information and other accounting tools.
Synonym: electronic health record
See also: record
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The ChartMaxx system will complete our efforts to provide a fully electronic patient record," said Charles Dooley, Vice President and Chief Information Officer for CentraCare Health System.
In the 1980s, the vision of a paperless electronic patient record system became a joke as the volume of paper increased in provider settings due to computer printouts.
The ChartMaxx system supports the creation and management of an electronic patient record.
Almost half of Ontario's teaching and community hospitals used electronic patient records, and slightly more than half of the hospitals reported that clinical data from previous patients visits was available to staff in all areas of the hospital.
With Arcot's "cryptographic camouflage" technology, doctors and clinics can use iRetrieve's powerful, convenient electronic patient records management solution with complete assurance that patient confidentiality and document security remain uncompromised.
a Captovation Value Added Reseller (VAR), to implement an electronic patient records solution, using Captovation Web Capture.
To reduce costs and increase access, Rendell proposed to offer subsidized health insurance to the uninsured, curb health care costs by allowing nurse practitioners to play a greater role in patient care and update regulations to require state-of-the-art electronic patient records.
Electronic patient records containing critical health data, including medical history, known allergies, and medications, can be viewed and updated by care providers when and where necessary.
The IDX acquisition has accelerated the alliance's efforts to move Centricity EMR toward an integrated clinical, financial and administrative system that supports the creation of lifetime electronic patient records.
The TEPR Conference and Exhibition has worked to advance electronic patient records for 22 years, providing attendees with a comprehensive educational program and an exhibition showcasing nearly 200 leading EHR/EMR and related technology vendors.
Geisinger is committed to providing quality healthcare to the residents of Pennsylvania by giving doctors instant access to complete electronic patient records, consistent with our strong commitment to patient privacy," said Frank Richards, chief information officer at Geisinger.
As a result of MedcomSoft innovations, physicians and managed care organizations can now securely build and exchange complete, structured and homogeneous electronic patient records.

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