computer-assisted instruction

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computer-assisted instruction CAI; instructional activities that use a computer as the primary vehicle for teaching content or processes rather than one-to-one interaction with a student.

computer-assisted instruction (CAI)

a teaching process that uses a computer in the presentation of instructional materials, often in a way that requires the student to interact with it. Also called computer-assisted learning.

computer-assisted instruction

Abbreviation: CAI
Computer-based instructional programs for individual learners. The term most often refers to drill and practice, tutorial, or simulation exercises used as stand-alone instruction or as supplementary materials. A more recent term is e-learning.
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The future of electronic learning was explored in an analysis that viewed the provision of learning at a distance as a continuum and traced the evolution from distance learning to electronic learning to mobile learning in Europe and elsewhere.
Established three years ago, CLRN enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that meet local instructional needs and reinforce the California curriculum framework.
TUNEin to READING --an award-winning, patented program developed by Electronic Learning Products of Tampa--is the only learning program that boosts reading skills through an enjoyable singing experience.
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These electronic learning environments do not seem to differ a lot in functionalities and use.
Electronic Learning Products is committed to creating and delivering the fastest, most effective and affordable literacy, reading intervention and language products for today's education market for struggling readers.
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