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Etymology: Gk, electron, amber + Fr, plat, flat dish
plating or coating of an object with a layer of metal through the use of electrolytic processes.


n plating by electrolysis. Impressions are plated in dentistry to form metalized working dies.
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Sol-Ler provides powder coating, zinc electro-plating, and black oxide metal finishing.
The Midland electro-plating industry is suffering at the hands of Euro legislators, who appear to have little understanding of the chaos they are currently causing to this sector.
Elkington's electro plating factory in the Jewellery Quarter was where electro-plating first began.
Jagjit, a quality controller at an electro-plating firm, said: "I was on dialysis for five years and on the transplant list but the call never came.
Chromium VI is used in several industrial processes including chrome plating, electro-plating, manufacturing of steel and other alloys, and as an additive to limit corrosion in industrial equipment.
Raiders broke into an electro-plating company in Arrow Road, Redditch, between 6.
The surviving fragment of the internationally renowned Elkington electro-plating factory - the former power hall, in which the museum's incomparable collection of steam engines was once housed - will be restored, together with the room behind it, which will become an open steel-framed structure looking out on to a new public space.
Because SFP is a contact-free, pad-free polishing process (basically a reverse electro-plating process), no stress is put on the wafer, thereby keeping all structures intact.
Managing director Mark Naylor said: "The main damage is smoke damage in the front area where we do electro-plating.
The Great Hampton Street firm would become the country's leading supplier of equipment and materials for the electro-plating and metal-finishing industries.
As can be seen, the structure is assembled from a common seed layer used to define both the coil and the electro-plating contact and hence magnet.
Joan Walker, 64, a retired managing director of an electro-plating firm, from Sandwell said: "Attractions are generally expensive, especially when you're going with the whole family.

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