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A simple prosthesis, usually without joints, for a lower limb amputation.
[G. gateway]


Etymology: Gk, gate
an artificial lower limb, often a narrow vertical support consisting of a socket with wooden side supports and a rubber-clad peg end. It may be used as a temporary prosthesis.
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Ruth McDonagh, of Bovis, said: "We have been looking into this request from Orange to put antennae on the electricity pylon.
But sale of that site is again dependent on the removal of a giant electricity pylon.
QUETTA -- No security clearance caused delay in the restoration of damaged electricity pylon in Bolan area of Balochistan, QESCO and NTDC officials told members of Balochistan assembly here on Saturday.
Properties in Newcastle, Gateshead, Chester-le-Street, Houghton-le-Spring and Stanley were without power last night after one blaze spread to an electricity pylon.
Police in Solihull are appealing for information after a teenager was killed when the car he was driving left a country road and crashed into an electricity pylon.
ROYAL protection cops feared a terrorist attack after an electricity pylon box exploded at Prince Charles's Balmoral holiday retreat.
As a result, Quetta and other respective areas of Sibi district were deprived of electric supply after damages to electricity pylon of high transmission line.
According to police, unidentified men had planted a multi kilogram of explosive material in an electricity pylon near security check post at Sariab Road which resulting killing of one man and injuries to 5 others.
A MYSTERY fire broke out at an electricity pylon leaving around 200 homes without power for a short period.
According to legend, the wood of an aspen tree was used to make the cross on which Christ was crucified; Jonny Wilkinson smiles at the crowds during the England Rugby World Cup team victory parade in LondonMiddle row, Canadian carver Guy Beauregard works on his sculpture 'Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil' during preparations for the Ice World Festival in Luebeck, northern Germany; a worker in front of the rising moon as he climbs down from a new electricity pylon near Frankfurt, central Germany; one of the first cars leaves the M6 Toll, Britain's first pay-as-you-go motorwayBottom row, A members of Iraq's Civil Defence Corp (ICDC ) graduating after 21 days training in a ceremony at the military base in Tikrit, Iraq; Blue in concert at the NEC
Britain's only register of electricity pylon serial numbers.
As a result, Quetta and other respective areas of Balochistan were deprived of electric supply after damages to electricity pylon of high transmission line.

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