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adjective Not permanent, transient.


adj pertaining to the interim treatment used to protect a patient between appointments.
temporary base,
temporary prosthesis,
temporary stopping,
n See stopping, temporary.
temporary superstructure,
n a prosthodontic appliance (removable or fixed) that is used, often immediately postoperatively, as a transitional appliance either for cosmetics or splinting, or both.


interim; for a short time only.

temporary dentition
the temporary or first set of teeth in animals with diphyodont dentition. See also deciduous teeth.
temporary environment factors
e.g. rain, drought, heat.
temporary registration
registration to practice under local legislation but for a limited period only. A procedure used to permit a candidate for full registration to obtain some practice experience.
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Most of New York City, including all of the major business areas in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx, has this double back-up - or double redundancy - in its electrical service.
Electrical services are ideally placed to take advantage of.
Contract notice: ESPH CN Measured Term Contract for Mechanical and Electrical Services (ESPH73).
He said: "My vision is to grow the business to become a major mechanical and electrical services provider for the industry.
With a master electrician's license, he has provided comprehensive electrical services throughout the tri-state area.
We have 130 people in the electrical services department, and they're working around the clock to fix this stuff,'' echoed Bill Hall, Glendale electrical services administrator.
RELATED ARTICLE: Judge Institute of Management Studies, University of Cambridge: John Outram's Robot Column's contains all the air-handling plant and electrical services for the galleria they serve.
com)-- Titus Electrical Services today announced the launch of www.
recently donated electrical services and materials to Habitat for Humanity Newark's latest project on Fairmount Avenue.
Using about $2000 from personal savings to purchase electrical wiring, cable, cords, and other tools and supplies, McKamey began cold-calling individuals and businesses for electrical services.
Kendall Electrical Services in Newtown Road was refused planning permission for a second time when it submitted an application to Nun-eaton and Bedworth Borough Council seeking permission to retain the shop signs.

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