electromagnetic interference

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1. opposition to or hampering of some activity.
2. impairment of cardiac impulse conduction due to refractoriness of the tissue; the refractoriness is a physiological response to passage of a preceding impulse.
3. a premature contact point on the occlusal surface of the teeth.
electromagnetic interference electrical signals of nonphysiological origin that may affect pacemaker function; they can either inappropriately inhibit pacemaker output or trigger unnecessary pulses. Pacemakers with bipolar leads are less sensitive to this.
occlusal i's areas of interference on teeth that hamper proper occlusion and smooth, gliding, harmonious jaw movements.

electromagnetic interference

Cardiac pacing Radiated or conducted electrical or magnetic energy that can interfere with/disrupt pulse generator function
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Because of reciprocity, they continue, such a circuit would not respond to external electric or magnetic fields either, that is would be immune to external electrical interference.
It can distinguish between upstream and downstream movements of fish, and can also eliminate "counts" caused by debris in the river and electrical interference.
Glitches can include buggy software, circuitry that's randomly influenced by electrical interference and shorts caused by microscopic "whiskers" that sprout from solder.
However, since electrical interference from the CFL ballast can reduce the operating range of your transmitter, they recommend always using an incandescent bulb.
Birkholz and coworkers suggested that "in a dynamic magnetic field, rapidly switched magnetic gradients can induce electrical interference in monitoring leads" and that "artifacts may vary in their frequency, and time of occurrence, even mimicking atrial flutter, ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation" (2).
Coordinating with the manufacturer, physicists, structural engineers and contractors, JRS designed spaces that provide not only comforting environments for patients under going MRI examinations, but also protect the spaces from outside electrical interference and keep patients and staff in the office and other tenants in the building safe from RF emissions from the MRI devices.
To address this, BT is set to offer the BT Broadband Accelerator that eliminates electrical interference from telephoneextension wiring, and can improve broadband speeds and reliability.
And BT will also offer help in eliminating electrical interference from telephone extension wiring - one of the main causes of slower broadband speeds.
5% enhances accuracy, ensuring minimal optical and electrical interference between the four detectors.
With the sticks were 70 cortex smokeless detonators and 30 electric detonators, which are set off by electrical interference.
Equipped with a servo-drive motor (as compared to clutch/brake or inverted gear AC motors on conventional augers) and a newly integrated PLC function, the Star Auger is now more accurate, has a noticeable increase in response time and reduces electrical interference when coupled with auxiliary packaging equipment.
It was all originally thought to be something to do with the electrical interference from a new railway signalling system that was causing the cars' electronics to go haywire.

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