Suicide in the Elderly

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Suicide completion by a person age 65 or over
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For a less skilled writer, the subject of elderly suicide offers ample opportunity for ham-fisted sentimentality that leaves you with a compulsion to call your grandparents.
It is no wonder that Korea also has the highest rate of elderly suicide among OECD countries.
Patients committing suicide whilst under the care of the elderly suicide prevention programme of a regional hospital in Hong Kong.
Elderly suicide attempters: Characteristics and outcome.
2000, Elderly suicide in Finland, International Psychogeriatrics, 12, 209-20.
Based on the above, it can be said, in essence, that the risk factors for elderly suicide fall into the following categories:
Mark Kaplan, professor of community health at Portland State University, notes that Oregon ranks in the top 10 states for its suicide rate, and in the top five for its elderly suicide rate.
AN elderly suicide bomber killed four people and wounded 17 as Shia worshippers left a prayer meeting in the city of Tal Afar in north west Iraq.
Arbore, founder and director of the Center for Elderly Suicide Prevention at the Institute on Aging in San Francisco.
One program of the Center for Elderly Suicide Prevention is a Friendship Line that handles about 1,800 calls a month.
Some of the issues surrounding elderly suicide, such as depression and feelings of low self-esteem, are shared by those desperate enough to take their own life in all age groups.
In December, the White House Conference on Aging made an important first step in bringing the problem of elderly suicide to the attention of policymakers.