Sambucus nigra

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Herbal medicine
A flowering shrub, the flowers and berries of which contain cyanogenic glycosides, essential fatty (linoleic, linolenic and palmitic) acids, flavonoids, mucilage, pectins, resin, tannic acid and vitamin C. It is antipyretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, laxative and a mild stimulant; it has been used as an infusion for colds and respiratory tract infections, and topically for skin irritation and conjunctivitis.

Sambucus nigra

(sam-bu'kus nig'ra, -boo') [L. sambucus nigra, black elderbery] See: elderberry

Sambucus nigra,

n See elderberry.
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I also mention to Lucas that in an alcove of the studio Greenfield-Sanders had hung his portrait of the elder Bushes.