Suicide in the Elderly

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Suicide completion by a person age 65 or over
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While debate about the ethics of elder suicide tends to revolve around terminal illnesses and loss of autonomy, those end-of-life issues didn't turn out to be the common causes of real-life suicides among the elderly.
All of which complicates how we think about elder suicide.
Ultimately, I suppose, the way we talk about suicide, even elder suicide, reflects the bigger, supremely complicated question of how we think about humanity--what it means to be in pain, what it means to be rational, which choices should be collective, and which should be autonomous.
However, nearly 50% of older persons who commit suicide have seen their physician within the past week, (5) so the first line of defense against elder suicide is the primary care physician.
This excellent chapter on aging further discusses the growing issue of elder suicide and takes an analytic look at Long Term Care in the Federal Republic of Germany.
While Thompson was a true American iconoclast, his means of death exemplifies what public health and mental health officials say is a troubling, preventable trend in Oregon and across the country: Elder suicide.
And Oregon has some of the highest elder suicide rates in the country.
Singer said he sees no connection between Oregon's high elder suicide rates and the fact that it's the only state that permits doctor-assisted suicide.
Swenson's insistence that there is no tradition of elder suicide would seem far more likely to be accurate.
Dispatchers learned some of the social explanations for suicide, including how it often goes hand-in-hand with domestic violence; some differences between male and female suicides (men are much more likely to use a firearm); and the rates of adolescent and elder suicides.
Jane Pearson, PhD, associate director for Preventive Interventions at the National Institute of Mental Health, during an educational session on elder suicides.
He said 75 per cent of elder suicides involve depression and fully two-thirds of those would have been late-onset and "very treatable.