Gustav Heinrich Theodor, German zoologist, 1843-1898.
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The coin was bought by London coin dealer Christopher Eimer, on behalf of the Royal Mint Museum based in Llantrisant, South Wales.
In several of these pieces Piers Maxim deployed this organ he knows so well with thrilling effect, but two Elgar miniatures proved disappointing makeweights from violinist Fenella Humphreys (from whom I have heard far greater technical triumphs) accompanied by Nicola Eimer.
Its quite a turnaround under seventh-year coach Nate Eimer considering his alma mater missed the playoffs every year between 1995-2014.
William Buick partnered Shanghai Glory, trained by Charlie Hills, to victory over Master Speaker and Bebhinn in the Eimer Hannon Waterford Testimonial Stakes.
Jack Eimer, Transwestern's current market leader, will shift to a national leadership role as executive managing partner.
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Eimer presents practicing process engineers, chemical engineers, and post-graduate students in the disciplines of process engineering, chemical engineering, and chemistry with a practical introduction to gas treating.
In between the two world wars such experimenters as Pop Eimer of Joplin, Mo.
by David Eimer, Bloomsbury, hb, 20 [pounds sterling]
1999) and touch (see, for example, Forster, Eardley, & Eimer, 2007) relative to people with typical or corrected to standard vision.