Gustav Heinrich Theodor, German zoologist, 1843-1898.
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The company has appointed Eimer McGovern as Chief Financial Officer with overall responsibility for shaping Fenergo's global financial strategy to capture profitable growth.
1999) and touch (see, for example, Forster, Eardley, & Eimer, 2007) relative to people with typical or corrected to standard vision.
Devil May Care" is a novel from Patricia Eimer, telling of the Princess of Hell, Faith Bettincourt, her busy life in the courts of Hell and her pursuit of her boyfriend, the un-Hellish Matt.
Micah Eimer, a cardiologist with Northwestern Medicine in suburban Chicago.
Eimer, David 2013 First taste of the lash under the Sultan of Brunei's new sharia rule.
Eimer should be a part of every Wisconsin community and university library reference collection, as well as mandatory reading for every Wisconsin citizen exercising their legal right to carry a concealed hand gun.
Nather (49,2): sa samlaksayati kim idanim avapravrajisyami pratyantam gacchami ti, tena pratyantam gatvanyatamo grhapatir anvavarttitah tenabhiprasannena tam uddisya viharah karita iti, sa nanadigdesanivasibhir bhiksubhir avasitah, T 1444 at T XXIII 1039b22: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and Eimer (2: 312,23): des bsams pa, ci da 'bab par bya 'am, mtha' 'khob tu 'gro bar bya snyam nas, des mtha' 'khob tu song ste, khyim bdag cig rjes su 'jug par by as so, des mngon par dad pas, de'i phyir gtsug lag khang brtsig tu bcug ste, de phyogs dang yul tha dad pa na 'khod pai dge slong dag gnas shing.
Chapter 15: SEIU Local 32 BJ's Youth Brigade: Labor Education through Labor Activism, by Stuart Eimer & Max Mishler.
Cady Eimer, 17, from Poquoson, Virginia, has followed in the footsteps of two U.