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A solution of a differentiated equation that has solutions only for particular values of some parameters. Compare: eigenvalue.
[Ger. eigen, particular, peculiar to]
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0n] modes in this region, we also have to determine the eigenfunctions [R.
These eigenfunctions are useful for a variety of probabilistic tasks, as (Diaconis et al.
Another sampling formula for f(t), which was invented and studied in [30, 31], is based on the eigenfunctions [[psi].
2] be the positive eigenfunctions of K and T respectively, i.
G], there is little hope of finding the related eigenfunctions analytically, even in relatively simple setups.
This characterizes eigenfunctions f of generalized Laplace operator [[DELTA].
More advanced matters were undertaken later in the session, and notes are also provided here for lectures on the chaoticity of the Teichmuller flow, orbital counting through mixed and unipotent flows, equi-distribution on the modular surface and L-functions, and a semiclassical approach to eigenfunctions of the Laplacian on negatively curved manifolds.
The obtained model has been tested by performing a new approximation employing the eigenfunctions of the mathematical model.
He also spent a month at the Department of Physics and Astronomy in Aarhus, Denmark in September to work on a research paper titled "Radial non-adiabatic eigenfunctions in A stars.
n[greater than or equal to] 1] are the eigenfunctions of the problem