Karl von, German laryngologist, 1873-1960. See: Eicken method.
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The Geophysical Institute and the Arctic Research Center, Hajo Eicken began writing the grant in 2013, and says that it will help the SEARCH program.
The grant allows SEARCH to enact what Eicken calls Action Teams around the country.
Eicken said because we want to involve young researchers we consciously placed the teams around the country.
On a broader front, sea ice "is most important in the context of climate variability and change, both as an indicator and an agent of climate change," says geophysicist Hajo Eicken of the University of Alaska in Fairbanks.
Mathematical and computer models--both simple and complex--help researchers design field experiments and provide insights that can guide the development of accurate, large-scale climate models, Eicken says.
Laboratory measurements and field studies by Eicken and his coworkers have revealed other aspects of sea-ice behavior.
The Pet Fire Alert Collar(TM), second place, was designed by Gail Eicken, a former New Jersey volunteer EMT, to provide a way for firefighters to locate hiding pets during a house fire or heavy smoke condition.
This invention is worth my time and effort if it saves just one pet," states Eicken.
As a Web-based business, our lifeblood is in our network connectivity," said Thorsten von Eicken, chief architect of Expertcity.