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Paul, German bacteriologist, immunologist, and Nobel laureate, 1854-1915.
Ehrlichia - a genus of small, often pleomorphic, coccoid to ellipsoidal, nonmotile, gram-negative bacteria (order Rickettsiales) that are the etiologic agents of ehrlichiosis and are transmitted by ticks.
Ehrlich anemia - anemia resulting from hypoplastic or aplastic bone marrow. Synonym(s): aplastic anemia
Ehrlich diazo reagent - two solutions, one of sodium nitrite, the other of acidified sulfanilic acid, used in bringing about diazotization. Synonym(s): diazo reagent
Ehrlich inner body - a round oxyphil body found in the red blood cell in case of hemocytolysis due to a specific blood poison. Synonym(s): Heinz-Ehrlich body
Ehrlich phenomenon - the difference between the amount of diphtheria toxin that will exactly neutralize one unit of antitoxin.
Ehrlich postulate - that cells contain surface extensions or side chains (haptophores) that bind to the antigenic determinants of a toxin (toxophores). Synonym(s): Synonym(s): Ehrlich theory; side-chain theory
Ehrlich test - urobilinogen test using Ehrlich reagent.
Ehrlich theory - Synonym(s): Ehrlich postulate
Ehrlich tumor - solid or ascitic transplantable tumor derived from breast carcinoma in mice.
Ehrlich unit
Ehrlich-Türk line - seldom-used term for the thin vertical deposition of material on the posterior surface of the cornea seen in uveitis.
Heinz-Ehrlich body - Synonym(s): Ehrlich inner body
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Ascitic liquid production in Ehrlich tumor has been credited mainly to hyperpermeability and vessels from peritoneal cavity microcirculation.
Although there are no classifications of Ehrlich tumor cells as dark and clear in the literature, this seem to be the most appropriate denomination considering the morphological characteristics observed.
This result is in contrast with the hypothesis formulated in the beginning of this study, that hypothyroidism would decrease Ehrlich tumor growth by reducing tumor cells malignancy.