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Abbreviation for:
eccentric hypertrophy
emotional handicap 
emotionally handicapped
employee health
endometrial hyperplasia
enlarged heart
epidermal hyperplasia
epidermolytic hyperkeratosis
epidural haematoma
epithelial hyperplasia
epithelioid hemangioendothelioma
epithelioid haemangioma
essential hypertension
extramedullary haematopoiesis
extremely high


The symbol for the oxidation-reduction (redox) potential. The redox potential is the electric potential energy needed to transfer a mole of electrons from an oxidant to a reductant. The use of catalysts to remove contaminants from water supplies during water treatment relies on measurements of the redox potential. It is usually referenced to the potential of a standard electrolytic cell.


n the symbol for oxidation-reduction potential, which is regarded as a significant factor in the protection of the body against anaerobic bacteria. The eH of living tissue of pH level 7.4 is about 0.12 volt.
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What was that chew with the trains all about then eh?
Yer can't run round Grangetown shoutin' that can yer eh?
Just the sort of thing a gadgie could take is girlfriend's kids to so they wouldn't think he was a doyle eh?
Looka, it's bad enough the apples and pears brigade tryin' ter airbrush us off of the maps without some woollyback fifth column 'avin' a go an' all like, eh?
They want t'carve up the People's Republic of Teesside, don't they, eh?
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An' if, like, the CSA get yer address wrong on the outside why should yer believe a single werd the lying nowts say inside eh?
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