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Q. Is it true that tomato seeds, eggplant seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Is it true that eating tomato with the seeds, eggplant with the seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Thanks again guys. You're all great.

A. No. Things with seeds are irritants to a condition called diverticulitis where pockets in the intestines become inflamed. the seeds sort of deposit there and become infected. Appendicitis is just an inflammation of your appendix plain and simple, no particular cause is really pinpointed.

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These seeds, the earliest evidence of eggplants known in this country, were found alongside thousands of grape seeds, olives, Christ's thorn jujube pits, black mulberries, lentils, figs and more," it said.
Eggplant is a high value vegetable crop, playing important role in combating malnutrition and increasing income of farming community.
Mayor Nonato Abrenica said the yearly festival was meant to show how eggplants and other vegetables are crucial to the the town's economic life.
My recent favourite is roasted mashed eggplants sauteed with minced chicken and herbs, and is served hot -- I call it chicken bharta.
Researchers at the US Agricultural Service in Beltsville Maryland have found that eggplants are rich sources of phenolic compounds that function as antioxidants.
The size of the eggplants amazes those who see them.
When I am ready to move the eggplants to the garden, I choose a spot that will receive several hours of sunlight daily.
Throughout my life of eating in homes and restaurants around the world, I've always ordered eggplant where I've found it on the menu, and I often beg the cook for the recipe.
If you can't find large eggplants, use the smaller ones and just overlap the slices slightly to make substantial roll-ups.