egg white

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egg white

The albumen of an egg, used especially in cooking.



egg white

a solution of protein in water which is secreted by the oviduct of birds and some reptiles. Albumen surrounds the embryo and yolk which it cushions within the shell of the egg. It is eventually absorbed by the embryo as food.

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Q. Is there any difference between brown eggs and white eggs? My fitness instructor suggested me to have brown eggs instead of white eggs so is there any difference between brown eggs and white eggs?

A. I have to agree with you. Never heard of any difference between the two and it doesnt sound reasonable that one is better to your health than the other...

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Chemists from the University of California, US, have worked out how to return boiled egg white back to its original form using a novel process.
Pour the egg whites into bowl and whisk until they are light and foamy.
For the Italian meringue: 90g egg whites 180g sugar 50g water 1.
Stir in the lemon zest and juice, then set the saucepan into a bowl of ice and water to chill, stirring often, until the mixture is cold to the touch and has thickened to the consistency of raw egg whites, about 45 minutes.
We only recently launched our Liquid Egg Whites and have worked hard to ensure that they live up to the high quality, taste and nutrition standards that consumers and chefs have come to expect from Eggland's Best.
In the end, two houbara chicks hatched from the chicken egg whites and one hatched from the houbara egg white, comprising seven per cent and five per cent of the samples in the experiment.
Danya Proud, a spokeswoman for McDonald's, said that people will be able to request egg whites for other breakfast sandwiches too.
In the current trial, 40 of the children received an oral immunotherapy treatment that involved giving them a small amount of powdered egg whites and gradually ramping up the dosage.
Experiment with egg whites in our two recipes to see science come to life.
Spoon a mound of the mixture into the hole in each egg white.
In a separate bowl, whisk the egg whites until stiff peaks form and stand when the whisk is removed.
com) (Makes about 12) 150g caster sugar 75g egg whites (about 2 medium egg whites) Edible silver glitter Edible silver balls Piping bag, fitted with a star-shaped nozzle 2 solid baking trays, lined with baking parchment PREHEAT the oven to 200C/Gas 6.