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Cavell, Edith

(1865-1915), an English nurse. Trained at London Hospital, in 1907 she was named head of a nurses training school in Brussels, with the task of raising nursing standards to match those of Britain. By 1912, the school offered a 3-year intensive course and was associated with four hospitals in Brussels. After the Germans occupied Belgium in World War I, she nursed or sheltered more than 200 fleeing soldiers and helped them reach Holland. To her, this was an extension of her nursing: helping those in need. For this, she was arrested by the Germans, tried, and shot on October 12, 1915. Her execution, which she met with courage and fortitude, brought her widespread fame.
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Edith asked in a clear voice that shook in spite of her.
Edith blossoms throughout the series and increasingly, as scripts came through, I was able to explore fashion-forward clothing and showstopping gowns for her.
Managing the nursing services at a Belgian hospital she had helped establish, Edith found herself working in a Red Cross Hospital under German control.
Edith Cavell was a British nurse working in German-occupied Belgium during the First World War, who saved the lives of soldiers from both sides.
Gould, professor emeritus of history at the University of Texas, has produced a solid introduction to the life of first lady Edith Kermit Roosevelt.
Nurse Edith Cavell was shot by a firing squad 100 year ago after helping almost 200 allied soldiers escape the killing fields of the Western Front.
But there was little chance of Edith ever getting a full pardon, because she'd confessed she knew exactly what she was doing.
e pair have created a 1945 Wartime Diary of a Liverpool Girl blog in which they post daily entries, 70 years on from the day that Edith originally wrote them.
A driver had complained that it was difficult to see vehicles from Edith Street around the curve on Court Drive.
Edith, from Anstruther, Fife, said: "I have a story about Lily Allen.
Edith, 100 today, celebrated yesterday with family and friends at Wheatacres day service, Redcar.
Edith confessed and spent 10 weeks in prison, two in solitary confinement, before, aged 49, she was taken to a There was written to saying she field just outside Brussels where two firing squads executed her at dawn on October 12, 1915.