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John B., U.S. surgeon, 1857-1916. See: Murphy drip, Murphy button, Murphy percussion.
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UNIMPRESSIVE: Owen Wilson and Eddie Murphy in the action comedy I Spy (12A)
Eddie Murphy is, well, Eddie Murphy, talking big and acting even larger while De Niro does a lot of facial communication with little dialogue.
Si le gusto la pelicula "Nutty Professor" (1996), con el comico Eddie Murphy, es casi seguro que le gustara la secuela: "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps".
Here's a little background for those not in the know: This new show sprang from the fertile mind of Eddie Murphy, with the backing of claymation genius Will Vinton (whose anthropomorphized raisins sing to be eaten), and Hollywood gurus Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.
LOS ANGELES -- Across the nation, tens of thousands have "met Dave" - or rather a 15-foot tall replica of the title character's head, from Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming family comedy starring Eddie Murphy.
Sad news: Comedian Charlie Murphy, the older brother of comedian Eddie Murphy, died Wednesday, (http://www.
EDDIE Murphy will make a dramatic return to a show which gave him his first big break more than 30 years ago.
Summary: Eddie Murphy has pulled out as host of next year's Academy Awards after his creative partner Brett Ratner resigned as the show's producer.
In which 1996 comedy film did Eddie Murphy Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 Hermes; 2 The Little World of Don Camillo; 3 Curling; 4 Aniseed; 5 Washington; 6 The fossils of plants and animals; 7 Milhous; 8 The Nutty Professor; 9 Kirsch; 10 The Gurkhas.
EDDIE Murphy, chairman and MD of Ford Ireland, has been appointed President of the Society of the Irish Motor Industry.
Dave (Murphy) is a human looking spaceship, operated and occupied by aliens captained by Eddie Murphy.
Your Chronicle has 50 pairs of tickets to give away for the hilarious new Eddie Murphy film, Meet Dave, on Sunday July 13 at 10.