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2 leader Kim Yong Nam was "gently" encouraged to adopt a similar system to China, which mixes market economy principles with a socialist political system.
In the long-run, however, the adoption of market economy principles will make for a more stable and profitable trading relationship.
By adopting circular economy principles, Europe can take advantage of the technology revolution and increase average disposable income for EU households by[euro]3,000, or 11% higher than the current development path
Grants will be paid to childcare providers who operate on social economy principles and who will target the needs of disadvantaged areas, or people in rural areas, or who plan to work with schools and base their childcare services on school premises.
Leading the way towards a more circular economy, the Resource team applied circular economy principles to its theatre area, ensuring every component could be reused, recovered or recycled.
Along with his innovative ideas, Pine's presentation included several exercises to help conference goers practically apply the Experience Economy principles to their business.
The Minister of Finance, Government of Azerbaijan, Samir Sharifov has stated on Wednesday in Baku that the country is currently moving in line with the market economy principles and mere administrative steps are unlikely to help lower the interest rates of the banks.
PetroKazakhstan will continue to seek a dialogue with the appropriate authorities to address the obvious concerns related to the pricing of refined products and possible measures to promote further transparency and effective monitoring of the competition dynamics, consistent with market economy principles.
We feel that the recent high-profile failures vindicate our approach, which is based on painstakingly applying sober, time-tested Old Economy principles to a New Economy business.
We are retaining the solid Old Economy principles on which Pentair was built, but we are accelerating our migration into the realm of New Economy capabilities.
Nazarbayev's plans for a future of Kazakhstan based on market economy principles.