von Economo, Constantin

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von Economo,

Constantin, Austrian neurologist, 1876-1931.
Economo disease - Synonym(s): von Economo disease
von Economo disease - the basis for postencephalitic parkinsonism, suspected to be of viral origin. Synonym(s): Economo disease; encephalitis lethargica; polioencephalitis infectiva; sleeping sickness
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In 1999, a team of neuroscientists noticed that very particular neurons, the von Economo neurons (VENs), which are spindle-shaped, were, out of the 28 families of primates, present only among humans and the four species of great apes.
The researchers found that, in addition to a thicker and larger cingulate cortex, SuperAgers had 90% fewer neurofibrillary tangles of the type observed in Alzheimer's disease and increased density of von Economo neurons related to social intelligence.
Compared with similarly aged people, as well as younger volunteers, SuperAgers have a thicker, larger region of the cortex in the brain, significantly fewer neurofibrillary tangles (a marker of Alzheimer's), and a huge supply of a neuron, called von economo, which has been linked to higher social intelligence.
Gary Economo has dubbed the development of this production capability "the global graphene race," so strategic does he believe this commodity will become.
Lunenburg High coach Jon Economo is part of a run that has seen only four varsity coaches at the high school in more than 60 years.
Did the researchers miss seeing von Economo cells in macaques because they wanted to believe that the cells are related to empathy, self-awareness and consciousness but did not want to believe that macaques might have some of these characteristics?
An exclusive cell type - the Von Economo Neuron (VEN) - is located there.
Neurophysiologic studies of sleep really began after astute clinicopathologic observations by von Economo, who examined patients with encephalitis lethargica at the beginning of the twentieth century (9,10).
of Macedonia, Thessalonika, Greece) introduces the seminal work of Economo (neurology and psychiatry, U.
This process appears to be facilitated by the Von Economo neurons, in a circuit connecting fronto-insular and anterior cingulated regions to cortical areas in the frontal and temporal cortex (Allman, Watson, Tetreault, & Hakeem, 2005).
The neural correlates of cooperation are the 'spindle neurons,' also known as 'Von Economo neurons' after their discoverer.