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enlargement of the vestibular aqueduct



An inner ear malformation associated with sensorineural hearing loss, esp. in patients with Pendred syndrome.

ethyl vinyl acetate

; EVA medium- or hard-density closed cell foam, used in manufacture of casted orthoses, to form forefoot/rearfoot wedges, or provide medial longitudinal arch support when added to preformed insoles


equine viral arteritis.
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i]), dividend per share (DPS;) and economic value added (EVA;) are the independent variables for the ith firm, [e.
Economic Value Added (EVA): Its Usefulness in Predicting Company Performance in Malaysia.
Economic value added is the dependent variable in this study which can be calculated by the following formula:
The economic value added in these entities ranged in 2012 from over 20% to nearly 36% of the capital invested.
The study observed that Economic Value Added could lead to significant improvements and developments in companies.
The net effect was high cost of capital over return on investments ultimately leading to negative economic value added.
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Incorporating such techniques as economic value added (EVA), return on operating invested capital (ROIC), and market value added (MVA), VBM is a complete financial management and incentive compensation system that guides decision-making at every level.
Using consultant Stern Stewart's metric of annual profitability, economic value added (EVA[R]), the ethical companies outperformed the others in four of the five years.
Included in it are: an intangible assets score sheet, a human resources accounting statement, a statement of brand value and an economic value added, or EVA, statement.